How to avail Ayurveda services

The patient has to get the referral letter, from the registered medical practitioners of Government clinics / Hospitals or Private clinics and then, contact the Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM)  Units of the above hospitals.

The Ayurveda physician, in the T&CM unit, will consult the patient and prescribe the treatment, according to his/her condition. The physician, will also advise about diet and activities during the treatment. After that, the patient can fix up the appointment, for the therapy and get the treatment.

The first consultation with the Ayurveda doctor is offered free of cost to all Malaysian nationals.  

The treatments are provided free of cost to

  1. 1. Government staff, his/her parents, spouse and dependent children above 18  years of age
  2. 2. Government pensioner and his/her spouse
  3. 3. Differently abled persons

Others can avail these services by paying nominal fee.